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Opening of the RF CCI exhibition dedicated to small and medium business

The state Duma in may 2019 opened an exhibition of the chamber of Commerce, designed to promote the promotion of small and medium businesses, as well as acquaintance with leading entrepreneurs from the regions. The project was implemented with the assistance of 69 regional CCI.

The official part of the opening, which took place on 21.05 at 16: 00, was attended by: Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, party leaders Sergei Mironov, Gennady Zyuganov and others, President of the chamber of Commerce Sergey Katyrin, deputies, Chairman of the Duma Committee on entrepreneurship Sergey Zhigarev, as well as representatives of family businesses.

Russia's largest Association of entrepreneurs CCI includes more than 180 territorial offices, 70 councils, 40 branches abroad, located all over the world. For two years the Chamber has been working on the project "Development of family business in Russia". The direction is becoming more and more of a priority for many reasons. First, small businesses account for between 50% and 80% of global vacancies. Second, family-owned enterprises are one of the driving forces of economic growth. The total number of small companies more than two-thirds. At the same time, in Russia, the rate of growth in this direction can not yet be compared with the global one.

Today, a lot of attention is focused on the topic. Within the framework of the RF CCI project "development of family business", the search for ways to improve the legislative framework is carried out, measures of patronage are discussed. The possibilities to formalize the term "Family business" and to develop special patents for businessmen from this category are considered. Efforts are aimed at increasing the popularity and prestige of the family business.

The exhibition was a photo gallery of successful entrepreneurs, included a description of the path they have traveled, as well as samples of products of companies. Video files about the project "security Council Development in Russia"were presented.

On may 21, after the official start of the exhibition at five in the evening, a round table was opened. The event was attended by faction leaders, deputies of the state Duma, representatives of interested structures and family companies. Topic of discussion :" ways of JV development: constructive dialogue between government and business". The meeting discussed the promotion of family entrepreneurship, improvement of legislation, measures to support small businesses.

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