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Protection of slings

Protective devices for textile tape slings are designed to protect lifting products from premature wear. Protection of slings eliminates some of the disadvantages of the material and improves its performance.

Rigging tapes are flexible, lightweight, easy to use and, thanks to this, widely used equipment. However, the devices are vulnerable when slinging goods with sharp edges, can fray on the rough edges of objects, are not subject to further operation in case of damage to the material. Protecting textile slings allows you to extend their life.

In particular, the following special security features are used for this:

  • lining made of durable materials;
  • floating and removable synthetic covers;
  • plastic supports for securing goods;
  • other slings protection options.

Accessories are consumables and must be replaced if worn. Also, as a protection for textile slings, special compositions are used that increase their wear resistance. In particular, a layer of polyurethane is applied to the surface of the tape, which reduces the risk of cuts and ensures safe operation with the load handling device for a long time.

You can purchase protection for slings that meets high technical standards at a bargain price, as well as learn more about protective linings that increase the durability of tapes and secure fastening of loads from the manufacturer of consumables.

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