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Ring STK


Sling textile ring STK

Universal durable load-lifting product made of flat polyester tape, the load-bearing capacity of which depends on its width. The sling ring is a textile ring and is one of the safest and most reliable devices for lifting and transporting goods.

The product has flexibility, elasticity, low weight, which greatly facilitates the process of loading and unloading and is suitable for slinging loads that are easy to damage. Ring textile sling is resistant to external factors and is used in various fields - indispensable for the transportation of any equipment with a "delicate" surface, painted or easily deformable. The round textile round sling is equipped with a special cover for added protection. Products can save time and effort during the work.

STKK (round-strand textile ring sling) and STK possess the following qualities:

  • high strength, resistance to mechanical damage, chemical influences, wear resistance, durability;
  • load capacity from 0.5 to 30 tons;
  • light weight to simplify and speed up the rigging process;
  • wide range of operating temperatures from -40 to + 100 degrees;
  • flexibility and elasticity that contribute to cargo safety;
  • convenience of storage and transportation - a compactly folded tape does not take up much space, there will be no excesses and creases on it.

You can buy textile ring slings that comply with GOST from the manufacturer at a bargain price.

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