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Production of professional lifting equipment

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Two-branch 2ST


Two-branch textile sling 2ST

A professional device for lifting and transporting goods - bulky, heavy, lightly damaged. A two-branch rope sling is a construction of two high-strength tapes connected by a triangular link, with hooks at the ends. Different colors of the products indicate the width of the branches and the carrying capacity of the system.

A two-branch sling is made of high-strength material, is not subject to deformation, is resistant to mechanical stress, and is suitable for work in various operating conditions, including in contact with chemical media. The device is used in various fields. The advantage of the design is the possibility of gentle handling of the cargo due to its flexibility and high elasticity. The branches bend around the subject, do not deform it and do not spoil the appearance.

Two-branch textile sling has the following qualities:

  • high strength, flexibility and elasticity;
  • the ability to carefully sling and ensure the safety of the cargo;
  • resistance to deformation, wear resistance, durability;
  • loading capacity from several to tens of tons;
  • chemical resistance;
  • ease of operation and storage;
  • wide scope.

You can purchase two-branch slings at a bargain price from the manufacturer. In the presence of a large selection of lifting devices with different characteristics. Two-branch slings are made according to GOST, meet high technical requirements, are characterized by reliability and good quality.

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