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Four-branch 4ST


Four-branch sling 4ST

Specialized textile slings are products made of high-strength fiber designed for lifting loads. The products are made of woven tape, polyester, polyamide or polypropylene, can be operated in conditions of high humidity and high temperatures. Belt slings are used for various types of slinging, strapping of standard and non-standard cargoes. The products are used for rigging works outdoors or inside warehouse complexes. Cargo slings are used in agriculture, industry, construction and other areas.

Types of slings

Strop chetyrehvetvevoj is one of the varieties of tape slings. The sling product represents several identical tapes (four) ending with a loop of fastening on the one hand and a hook for lifting of loads from another. The loop is hooked to the ring of the lifting device, and the hook holds the load for transportation brackets or other mounting devices. Sling 4ST is characterized by high strength, load capacity and is designed for slinging large items.

In addition to the four branch sling there are several types of lifting products:

  • loop sling with loops at both ends;
  • slinging products 1ST, 2ST, 3ST – in the form of one or more identical slings equipped with a power ring and a hook;
  • ring textile single sling;
  • round-row product with protective winding.

On the website it is possible to get acquainted in detail with the catalog of load-lifting production, features and advantages of each variety.

Characteristics of the four-branch sling

The product is one of the popular types of rigging devices and is in great demand. The load-grabbing equipment from a link and four branches with hooks or other special grabs can be applied to work with weight to 30 tons. Due to the design features of the four-branch sling ("spider") can be used for transportation of fragile goods.

Products differ in carrying capacity, width of a tape, length of slings. Products are manufactured with both standard and individual characteristics for specific specific needs. Performance characteristics and technical features of the 4st four-branch sling are regulated by the standard.

Load grabbing devices are used in the following areas:

  • at industrial enterprises;
  • in transport sphere;
  • in warehouses;
  • in construction;
  • for household needs.

Rigging equipment has the following advantages:

  • The high load capacity of the four-branch sling allows it to be used for work with loads weighing from several to tens of tons. The possibilities of the tape when choosing can be determined by its color. The orange color of the sling means maximum load capacity.
  • Four-branch textile slings, unlike other types of lifting products, make it possible to move brittle structures. Soft ribbon branches contribute to the safety of the cargo.
  • Four-branch sling 4ST is resistant to moisture and the sun, is characterized by frost resistance. The operating temperature range of the product - from -40 to + 100 degrees Celsius.
  • Textile slings are easy to operate, transport and store. You can not worry about the deformation and kinks of the equipment and compactly fold it. The light weight of the rigging device contributes to the comfort of its transportation.

Four-branch slings: GOST and examples of symbols

Cargo slings used for slinging in industry and construction must comply with the technical requirements of RD 24-SZK-01-01 (for General purpose lifting slings on a textile basis) or other generally accepted standards. The guidance document prescribes the purpose and scope of application, types and main parameters of products, test requirements and operating instructions, completeness.

Each sling is accompanied by a tag indicating the trademark, type, length, load capacity, the standard by which the sling structure was made.

The marking of the product may look like "Sling 4ST-2,5-3,0", where:

  • 4ST-four-branch textile sling;
  • 2.5-load capacity in tons;
  • 3,0-the length of the tape in meters.

The load capacity of the product indicates the color of the sling: (IN 4ST this load-lifting grid does not work, since the load capacity of the branch is taken into account separately. It is suitable for 1ST, STP, STK)

  • purple-1-2 tons;
  • green-3-5 tons;
  • yellow – 6 tons;
  • gray – 8-10 tons;
  • red – 12.5 tons;
  • brown – 15 tons;
  • blue – 20, 25 tons;
  • orange – 30 tons.

Industry standards impose the following requirements on the material of the four-branch sling:

  • resistance to alkalis, acids and aggressive media;
  • the ability to operate the product at temperatures from -40 to 100 degrees Celsius;
  • resistance to absorption of grease, oil, fats;
  • residual deformation of the material-not higher than 15% and others.

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