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wire Rope, steel rope – one of the most popular types of wire products, the main element of structures and mechanisms for lifting loads, which takes all the main load. It is made by several methods of twisting strands and wires from steel in accordance with accepted standards, can have different parameters of length, breaking force, there are different diameters of steel ropes. The price of the product depends on the type, load capacity, and other factors.

Structures based on steel rope, which is best purchased from the manufacturer, are actively used in industry, agriculture, and many other areas. The products are used for lifting operations, performing various types of slinging, and are equipped with special devices for capturing cargo. Metal cables are characterized by strength and flexibility, can be used both inside warehouse complexes and outdoors in various conditions. There are several types of products, each of which is suitable for a wide range of tasks.

types of steel ropes

the construction of the rope is a set of wires, twisted together in a spiral in separate strands. Steel rope is a precast durable product designed for moving goods, which is the main element of load-lifting systems. Depending on the purpose, the number of strands may vary. There are a large number of specialized products with unique characteristics for different purposes and applications, the parameters of each of which are regulated by GOST.

Products are classified according to different characteristics. The structure of steel ropes are:

  • Single-products twisted in a spiral from one or more wire layers. According to the method of coiling, they are also called spiral ropes.
  • steel double rope-made of metal strands, twisted concentrically in one or more layers. They are used for making cables of increased strength, also called strands.
  • Triple ropes-made of strands, twisted in a spiral concentric twist.

steel Slings and ropes are also classified as:

  • by type of weaving: point touch-TC, linear touch-LC, weaving of wire of the same diameter-LC-O, with a touch between themselves and the wires filling-LC-Z and others;
  • by core material – metal, organic or synthetic;
  • section shape – can be either round or flat;
  • method and direction of the twist-weaving is carried out both in the direction to the right and to the left, can be untwisted and non-untwisted;
  • mechanical properties-steel ropes are of normal, high and high quality;
  • destination.

there is also a classification For the metal strands that make up the cables.

steel Ropes and slings: scope

for the purpose of the product is divided into cargo and gruzolyudskie (for moving elevators). Ropes are load-bearing elements of any lifting mechanisms, including:

  • drilling rig;
  • of the crane;
  • passenger and freight elevators;
  • excavator.

steel rope is used for the manufacture of devices designed for serious mechanical loads. Products that are chosen with responsibility are in demand in many areas:

  • mining industry;
  • oil industry;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • transport sphere;
  • logistics;
  • agriculture (for extensions, suspensions, fences) and others.

Characteristics of steel rope according to GOST

Requirements for the design and technical parameters of ropes with an organic core are set out in GOST 26888-80. Each product is made from certain materials according to the approved technology. Depending on the application area and the required load capacity, GOST 2688 steel ropes can have an outer diameter from 3.6 to 56 mm.the Purpose of the products is also spelled out in regulatory documents.

you can Buy a steel rope GOST from the manufacturer, the quality of the product and its compliance with the standard will be reported by a special mark. Cables have different flexibility, elasticity, and may have a protective PVC coating. The product label contains basic information about its characteristics, for example, "6-strand steel rope GOST 2688-80 type LC-R with an organic core". Specialists are always ready to help in choosing products.

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