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Production of professional lifting equipment

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Load securing straps (tie straps)

Reliable attachments for securing bulky and heavy items during transport. Coupling belts use:

  • transport companies;
  • on ships;
  • on airplanes;
  • when transporting goods by rail.

The equipment provides a stationary position and safety of transported objects.

The belt for securing the cargo consists of a rigid tensioning mechanism and a flexible polypropylene or polyester tape. By means of tension, reliable fixation of objects is ensured. Coupling belts made from such materials have the following advantages:

  • lightness;
  • strength;
  • moisture resistance;
  • chemicals immunity;
  • weather resistance;
  • wear resistance;
  • long life.

Also, load securing belts are easily cleaned from almost any dirt and are easy to store, as they can be folded compactly.

The main element of the tensioning mechanism is a "ratchet" - a ratchet lock made of high-strength metal alloy, resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion. The lock provides sufficient tension of the tensioning belt and allows you to adjust it during the transportation of goods. It is recommended that from time to time to check the fixation and tighten the textile tape more if necessary.

You can purchase high-quality cargo fastening belts made in accordance with strict standards from the manufacturer.

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