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Production of professional lifting equipment

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Round strand slings are special load-gripping devices, the safest type of lifting equipment for both transported goods and slingers. Smooth flexible tape made of fabric, polyester, polyamide or polypropylene is designed for operation in various conditions - inside warehouse complexes and outdoors, at low, high temperatures and high humidity. Products can have various design features, carrying capacity and other characteristics, depending on which they are used in industrial, economic, construction and other fields.

Types of slings: round-strand rafters

Round-strand textile slings STK is a type of load handling device manufactured in batches and single units, which is a core made of polyester (polyester) thread in a durable synthetic protective cover. The entire internal load takes on the entire load. A protective sleeve made of woven synthetic material increases the wear resistance of the product, protecting it from mechanical damage, keeps the threads of the structure in a single bundle. Round sling STKk is designed for slinging large, bulky, heavy loads.

The following types of round-loop hoisting devices are available:

  • circular strand sling annular - round-string sling KSK;
  • sling products 1ST, 2ST, 3ST, 4ST - one or more identical lines, supplemented with a power ring and a hook;
  • round-loop slings with loops at both ends.

On the site you can familiarize yourself with the assortment and features of rafter equipment, order products of various carrying capacities that meet industry standards, with carbines and other mounting devices.

Characteristics of a round-strand sling

Rigging tape in a protective case is a sought-after product as an independent device for working with goods and an integral part of the rafter system. Round textile sling STKk does not change position and does not twist during operation; after removing the cargo, it returns to its original state as soon as possible. Dirt does not accumulate on the synthetic casing; it is easy to clean.

Sling textile ring round-loop KSK can be used for transportation of goods of complex configuration, which cannot be fixed with hooks. The ring shape extends the life of the product by changing

the position of the parts subjected to load and deformation. Multi-branch designs are used for securing cargo at several points with an even distribution of weight.

Round-strand slings are in demand in the following areas:

  • at storage sites and industrial enterprises;
  • in construction;
  • in the transport sector, shipping;
  • in the economic field.

Rigging equipment has the following advantages:

  • Round-strand textile sling provides full-fledged fixation of bulky goods weighing tens of tons. The design is protected against movement during lifting. The lifting capacity of the sling is indicated in the accompanying documents and is additionally indicated by the color of the product.
  • Tape stretching during operation does not exceed 3%. The product has a high margin of safety. The characteristics of the equipment allow you to implement any methods of slinging cargo.
  • Round strand slings are suitable for moving fragile loads. Soft flexible tapes provide gentle transportation and a high indicator of labor safety. The sling does not spoil the goods and does not even leave marks on the transported items.
  • Products are resistant to various environmental factors - sun, moisture; chemical media - petroleum products, organic solvents, etc .; various temperatures; absorbing grease, oil, fats. Slings do not sink in water. Operating temperature range - from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius.
  • Light weight and flexible products provide ease of use. The slings can be folded for storage and transportation without fear of deforming it.

Technical requirements and designations

Kruglopryadny slings are made according to the current industry standards, are tested and marked. The product tag must indicate the manufacturer, date of manufacture, regulatory document (GOST, TU, RD), the type of material used and the date of the last test. Not only the requirements for slinging products are fixed, but also the operating rules.

The device may be marked as follows - "Sling STKk 4.0 t. 3 m", where:

  • STKk - round-loop textile sling ring;
  • 4.0 t. - carrying capacity in tons;
  • 3 m - tape length in meters.

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