Производство профессионального грузоподъемного оборудования

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Production of professional lifting equipment

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Accessories for sling production

The presented products are used for the manufacture of rigging equipment, and can also be used for repair and self-assembly of systems of the required carrying capacity and length. Components for the production of slings are small in size and light in weight, high quality and high strength, which ensures ease of use, reliability and durability of the finished equipment.

For the manufacture of products of various configurations are used:

  • aluminum bushings for crimping rope slings;
  • rigging brackets;
  • coupling belts;
  • polyester threads (for making textile slings);
  • thimbles;
  • shorteners;
  • hooks;
  • hooks for hooks with eye or fork;
  • links and other elements.

Components for the production of slings are tested under load, the finished structure is safe and maintainable. Thanks to the ease of use, lifting devices are widely in demand in many areas. Products can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures. Properly planned sling system allows you to securely secure and thereby protect heavy and bulky (including fragile) cargo, goods and equipment during transportation.

Contact a specialist if you need advice or assistance in the selection of components for the production of slings.

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