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Production of professional lifting equipment

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Ring CCM (USC2)


Sling ring rope CCM

Universal steel lifting devices used in various fields (industrial production, transport industry, warehousing, logistics, household) for loading and unloading. A ring rope sling SKK is made by crimping with an aluminum sleeve or braiding and is a ring made of a metal cable. Products have different lengths and load capacities, which depend on both the thickness of the rope and the sling pattern.

CCM ring devices have the following features:

  • can be used to move bulky goods weighing up to several tens of tons;
  • are used for working with rigid objects with sharp edges, but not for delicate transportation of fragile goods without additional protection;
  • when selecting a CCM (ring rope sling), the maximum load must be taken into account;
  • rigging can be carried out under various conditions in a wide temperature range (from - 40 degrees to + 100 degrees), but not in contact with aggressive chemical environments.

Universal rope slings USK2 from light or galvanized rope are characterized by high strength, reliability and are in great demand. The equipment is manufactured in accordance with current technical standards. You can buy USK2 slings and ring SKK, corresponding to GOST, from the manufacturer at a bargain price.

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