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Production of professional lifting equipment

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Single-branch 1SC

A durable, specialized metal product widely used for loading and unloading. Hoisting equipment is used in various fields: in industrial production, in construction, agriculture and others. Chain sling 1SC is a structure that includes a branch of metal links and additional structural elements - a ring for coupling with a crane and a load-lifting hook at the end.

The fixtures are made of high strength steel alloy. Chain sling 1SC can be of different lengths, load capacities and is considered one of the most reliable devices for lifting operations. The advantages of the 1SC sling are:

  • the ability to work with loads of different weights and configurations;
  • objects with sharp edges may be slinged;
  • this type of rigging equipment is suitable for working in difficult conditions - interaction with open fire, chemical environments, environmental factors and others;
  • high level of security due to the strength of the components;
  • the ability to easily replace part of the chain.

Chain sling 1SC is used where other types of load gripping devices are not recommended, and is not suitable for delicate transportation of goods that are easily damaged. The equipment serves as an independent device or as part of lifting structures.

1STs single-branch chain slings that meet current technical standards can be purchased from the manufacturer at a bargain price.

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