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Production of professional lifting equipment

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Four-branch chain sling 4SC - "spider"

The lifting structure is designed to perform rigging with hard loads in all operating conditions. A four-branch 4SC “spider” sling is four metal chains on a connecting steel ring with load-gripping hooks at the ends. The equipment is manufactured by assembly from links. Structural elements must be replaced in the event of breakage or wear.

Chain sling 4SC is used for slinging heavy loads with sharp edges, in conditions where the use of other types of hoisting mechanisms is impossible. The device is hung on the crane hook, the binding of objects can be performed in different ways with an even distribution of the load on the branches. Four-branch chain sling 4SC “spider” has the following characteristics:

  • high strength of components and structural reliability;
  • the ability to sling loads of different configurations with a capture for 4 points;
  • resistance to mechanical damage, the ability to sling objects with sharp edges;
  • suitable for use in contact with fire and aggressive environments;
  • high security;
  • ease of use.

Four-branch chain sling 4SC "spider" is made in accordance with GOST. You can purchase specialized equipment of various carrying capacities, sizes, with shortening hooks or with a wide throat at a favorable price.

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