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Chain sling SC

Metal chain slings – one of the types of durable rigging equipment, durable and unpretentious. Cargo handling devices are used to move large, heavy loads and are used in shipping, metallurgical industry, construction and other areas. Products are made of steel chains of different strength classes, has structural features-different number of branches, equipped with a hook and other mounting devices. The products can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures with load capacity adjustment taking into account operating conditions. Sling production is completed with the passport and a marking tag.

Types of chain slings

Sling chain SC is a team of links metal branch or several branches with connecting rings, hooks and other mounting devices at the ends. It is used as a load-handling element for loading and unloading in the systems of bridge, gantry and gantry cranes. Unlike textile slinging products can be used to work at temperatures up to + 500 degrees Celsius. On sale are various types of chain slings, designed for high load capacity. With the use of special hooks-shorteners it is possible to obtain designs with variable length.

There are the following main types of chain slings:

  • sling products chain chetyrehvetvevye 4CTS-four identical slings, supplemented by a power ring and load-grabbing devices, are also made with a variable length of the branch with the use of a hook-limiter;
  • slings chain dvukhvetvevye 2STS and trekhvetvevye 3STS;
  • slings odnovetvevye 1TS – with a ring of fastening on one end and a hook on another;
  • slings odnovolova loopback VC – mounting rings at both ends;
  • slings chain ring USTs-universal sling product in the form of a closed ring, used for tying cargo and subsequent attachment to the hook of the crane;
  • slings chain ring with 2 closed branches Sts2vz.

Due to high-strength components, the products are durable (and resistant to aggressive environments and temperature conditions), individual worn components can be replaced if necessary. On the website you can find a catalog of chain slings, characteristics and advantages of rigging equipment. If necessary, the Manager will help with the choice of lifting devices.

Chain sling: characteristics and application

Rigging equipment is designed for reliable capture and lifting the load to a height. Chain devices are used where textile slings are irrelevant, they are resistant to contact with sharp edges, withstand higher temperatures, reliable in aggressive environments, durable. The devices are designed for a large load capacity, but are weakly subject to dynamic stretching. It is not recommended to allow sudden loads, it is forbidden to use products worn by more than 10% or having more than 30% of deformed links - with prolonged operation without proper control, breakage is likely. The equipment should be inspected regularly.

Chain slings are in demand in the following areas:

  • in chemical industry;
  • in the shipping and transport sector;
  • at warehouse enterprises;
  • in manufacturing and construction;
  • in the oil and gas processing industry.

The device of chain slings provides them with the following advantages:

  • strength, rigidity and durability, stability in contact with the sharp edges of the load, allowing the operation of products without protective pads;
  • high flexibility of a sling of chain SC allows to use more ways of slinging of cargo, convenience of the equipment also provides possibility to receive branches with variable length;
  • chain slings are manufactured by Assembly (and welding is another method), if necessary, damaged links can be replaced, which prolongs the life of the product;
  • sling devices made of metal can be used at high temperatures, including open flame, suitable for work in contact with aggressive environments, not to be afraid of exposure to chemicals;
  • chain slings are compact and convenient for storage and transportation, unpretentiousness of components contributes to the durability of products.

Specifications and designations

Requirements to quality, design features and characteristics set for slings chain GOST and regulatory documentation (RD-10-33-93). The tag must indicate the type of product, the material of manufacture, the name of the manufacturer, the date of testing. The marking of the equipment contains information about the load capacity, length and configuration of the sling, for example, "Sling 1SC 5.30 / 3.00" is a single-branch sling with a chain load capacity of 5.30 tons with a working length of 3 meters.

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