Производство профессионального грузоподъемного оборудования

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Production of professional lifting equipment

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About company

The company "Tambovtekhsnab" - is an enterprise in designing, manufacturing and implementation of professional lifting equipment.

The staff of the company "Tambovtekhsnab" since 2005, manufactures and supplies:lifting equipment, scaffolding and formwork, tower tours, straps securing cargo, rigging, wire ropes, hoists, hoist, trolley, jacks, enamel wire

The Tambovtekhsnab company has own production and warehouse complex with the area of more than 3 hectares which consists:

  • from several shops: braiding, sewing, mechanical, forge;
  • warehouses with finished products, components for the manufacture of products;
  • offices';
  • exhibition hall;
  • garage and other facilities.

Workshops are equipped with:

  • hydraulic presses force up to 400 tons.;
  • automatic machine for production of round-string slings;
  • the machines to manually tabletki steel ropes with a diameter of 3.2 – 40 mm;
  • cutting machine with belt feed system for textile slings;
  • powerful test bench;
  • a winding machine for ropes, etc.;

Highly qualified and experienced personnel of the company "Tambovtekhsnab", a variety of equipment and its own administrative and production facilities are the key to fast and high-quality production of removable load-handling devices at a reasonable price.

The certified test stand allows us to control carefully compliance of products to requirements of normative documentation according to GOST and TU.

Receipt of products by the customer is organized in convenient ways for the customer: pickup, delivery directly to the customer, sending railway containers, railway expedition, freight carriers and transport companies.


The main objective of the enterprise "Tambovtekhsnab" is to ensure the production of products that meet the requirements of domestic and foreign customers, meets national and international standards.


The following methods ensure the implementation of the accepted directions of the quality strategy:

  • analysis of the constituent elements of the quality of processes and products, development of ways to improve their quality on the basis of market research and international experience;
  • development, implementation and certification of the quality management system of the organization in accordance with the requirements of GOST RISO 9001-2001 and STO Gazprom 9001-2006;
  • ensuring a continuous and systematic process to improve product quality and management at all stages of the product life cycle;
  • participation of all employees from the General Director to the worker in the work to improve the corporate culture, quality of processes and products;
  • constant work with suppliers of raw materials, equipment, consumers of products in order to improve its quality;
  • systematic training and development of all personnel;
  • motivation of all employees to improve quality;
  • wide explanatory work, raising the level of consciousness of employees regarding the importance of ensuring the quality of processes and products.

The Tambovtekhsnab company takes the leading place in production of a sling and load-gripping adaptations in the Tambov region (Tambov, Kotovsk, Michurinsk, Rasskazovo, Uvarovo, Umet) We provide to each client an individual approach, the wide product range, the shortest terms of production and excellent quality of production confirmed with necessary PERMISSIONS

With our slings were built: installed 21-meter cross on the bell tower in Tambov, which is the tallest building in The city, and the third highest in the Russian Federation (99.6 meters); with our slings built Ice rink on red square, Moscow, ice rink on Palace square, St. Petersburg, facilities at the Volgodonsk nuclear power plant, overpasses for the Olympics in Sochi 2014, homes for victims of floods and fires in Russia and around the world.

Since 2013 opened a new direction of activity is:

  • metal furniture,
  • safe deposit,
  • metal doors,
  • office furniture,
  • metal racks,
  • mailbox,
  • kits,
  • cashboxes.

The face of our company is the champion of Europe in bodybuilding (WBBF) Herman Yukhanov.

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We will be glad to see You among our customers! For all questions and advice, please contact our specialists by phone:

t/f (4752) 42-70-50, 50-44-68;

or at the address: Tambov, Boulevard Builders, 5 (check - in from the street. harvest)

E-mail: info@ts-gruz.ru

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8:15-17: 00 Saturday and Sunday-weekends