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Four-branch 4SK


four-branch 4SK rope Sling

Rope slings, in particular 4SK, four-branch type "spider", are a popular type of specialized lifting equipment. At the heart of the products is a soft metal cable that does not form creases, provides high load capacity, strength, and wear resistance. The rigging device is used for slinging loads of different sizes and weights inside warehouses and on the street. Cargo rope slings can be operated in different temperature conditions and environmental conditions.

equipment for lifting operations is produced in accordance with technical standards, differs in length, diameter of the cable, and configuration. Loops at the ends or load-grabbing mechanisms, such as a carabiner and hook, are used to hook the sling. The device is used in many areas. The use of multi-branch rope cargo slings 4SK is justified in the process of transporting large and heavy loads. Before sales, the products pass quality control, and the finished products are marked and have a passport.

types of rope slings: steel 4SK

rigging devices with different design features are used for lifting and transporting cargo. There are:

  • single-branch loop slings;
  • rope branch with a hook at one end and a loop at the other;
  • ring structures in the form of a closed ring;
  • multi-branch products.
4SK rope slings, also called "spider", are four rope branches connected by a triangular link of the RT type, with hooks at the ends. Instead of a hook, you can also use a rigging bracket or a lifting grip. They are made of both "black" and galvanized steel rope, using the method of braiding or crimping with an aluminum sleeve. Used for lifting multiple points and moving various types of cargo, including containers and pipes. The four-branch 4SK sling is used in the field of construction, industrial production and installation works. Products have a high coefficient of strength, can be of different length and load capacity, are characterized by durability, subject to compliance with the rules of operation.

when buying a 4SK sling, it is recommended to pay attention to the compliance of the product with GOST And the presence of accompanying documents. Prices for rigging products are lower for companies that are independently engaged in production. In addition, they value their reputation, so they especially monitor the quality of products.

4SK Sling: characteristics and features of operation

the load Capacity of products, depending on the design features, can be from 0.63 to 60 tons. Rigging devices differ:

  • diameter – the thicker the rope, the higher the load capacity;
  • rope length – can be from 1 to 6 meters;
  • the type of loop formation is braiding or pressing with a sleeve (the second type of product is cheaper, but is characterized by less flexibility and softness).

the cargo 4SK Sling is most often equipped with load-grabbing hooks with a special snap-on bracket that prevents slipping and ensures the reliability of cargo fastening. Links and gripping devices of the structure are made of high-strength metal, the system's own weight can be from 2 to 150 kg or more.

in order to avoid skewing during the lifting process, 4SK rope slings must be placed taking into account the center of gravity of the load. At the same time, you need to make sure that the branches do not twist, the load is distributed evenly on the elements, and there are no too weak or stretched sections in the sling.

Slings can become frayed under the influence of heavy loads and their sharp edges, so you need to identify defects and, if necessary, replace parts of the structure to extend the life of the product and avoid accidents. After using the four-branch 4SK in adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to clean and dry it so that the metal gripping elements are not corroded.

product applications:

  • construction;
  • metallurgy;
  • industrial production;
  • utilities;
  • logging;
  • oil industry;
  • rigging in seaports.

the 4SK cargo rope Sling has the following advantages:

  • Ability to transport large loads. The design allows you to move heavy equipment, construction materials, items of non-standard sizes. Using the 4SK suspension system, you can cover the transported product from different sides, distributing the weight of the load into four branches.
  • Resistance to temperature changes from -45 to +100 degrees, the ability to operate in different weather conditions.
  • High strength, resistance to mechanical wear, dynamic loads, durability. 4SK rope structures can be repaired and re-equipped to extend their service life.
  • High load capacity. A large selection of slings with a load capacity from 1 to 60 tons.
  • Convenient operation, storage, and transportation. Slings are compactly folded, do not form kinks.

Disadvantages of the "spider" 4SK sling – the inability to use it in contact with aggressive chemical environments and transport fragile goods.

Technical standards and designations

4SK rope Slings are manufactured in accordance with GOST 25573-82, RD 10-33-93, TU-5225-02-51152882-15. The marking of the product can have the form "4SK-2,0-3,0 sling", where 4SK means a four-branch rope sling, 2,0 – load capacity in tons, 3,0-working length in meters.

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