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Production of professional lifting equipment

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Single-branch 1ST


Sling textile single-branch 1CT

A load-lifting product used in mechanisms for transporting goods, made of durable polyester or polypropylene with high rates of load-bearing capacity and reliability. A single-branch line is a tape structure with a loop at one end and a hook at the other. The products are used for lifting and transporting goods of various configurations both inside warehouse complexes and in open areas, suitable for various types of slinging and working with fragile items that are recommended to be handled with care.

A single-branch line with a hook is made in accordance with the high requirements of current technical standards and has the following qualities:

  • large safety factor;
  • wear resistance, resistance to mechanical and other external influences, durability;
  • safety - working with this type of slings with a smooth elastic structure is less traumatic than with others, the product design ensures the integrity of easily deformable loads;
  • versatility - single-branch textile slings are used in a variety of fields, such as logistics, construction, manufacturing;
  • the light weight of the lifting tool provides ease of use, the device can be folded compactly for easy transportation and storage.

This type of product with different parameters of length and carrying capacity, as well as single-branch chain slings, four-branch slings and other types of high-quality load-lifting structures can be purchased from the manufacturer at a bargain price.

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